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Our Fundraising Goal for 2023 is $60,000. It is a modest ask,

but to make this sustainable, we're building for consistent, steady growth.

Click AND SHARE the link below to help us grow...


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  • What is The Sustainable Sankofa Project?
    Sustainable Sankofa is the professional affinity group of Black and Brown Creative Leaders and Culturalists. This professional space is designed to promote connection, collaboration, and the building of community among Black and Brown people. Often there isn't enough safe space to share practices and identify support, tools, and resources for leaders who feel siloed in their work. We advocate for personal voice and mobilize the empowered through mentorship, supported succession planning, and the development and sharing of best practices to ensure that through interdependence, we all thrive.
  • Who can become a part of the Sustainable Sankofa Cohort + Community?
    When our inaugural application opens: 1. You must qualify + identify as Black or Brown, and be at least 35 years of age. 2. Demonstrate or show evidence of leadership in your social or creative practices. 3. Click the link below and fully complete the application form. 4. A SSP Volunteer will be in touch with you to schedule a screening. 5. Engage with us on our social media platforms.
  • Why is this specific work urgent + important?
    Historically, we often turn around "too late" to grab both the gems and the generations behind us. Innovations in technology, culture and politics prove that we can no longer afford to do this. Those who are emerging as leaders in mid-career need the support and guidance of veteran leaders while being invited to share skills, tools, and practices with which they themselves have found success. To this point, emerging leaders need sustainable resources, finances, tools, support and community to effectively mentor the young adults who will soon succeed them. The needs of our current and next generations are rapidly evolving. Sankofa will be a lost art if we don't turn around with necessary urgency. Of those with a mentor, 97% say they are valuable. Yet only 37% of professionals have a mentor. 89% of those who have been mentored will also go on to mentor others. (Source: McCarthy Mentoring)
  • How do I volunteer or donate to the advancement of this work?
    In advance, thank you for your consideration, and generous support! 1. You can make a public or anonymous donation via the DONATE button below. 2. Select the subscription or support level of your choice. 3. You will receive a Thank You confirmation letter via email. 4. Donor volunteerism is highly encouraged thus, 5. Reach out to us via - We'd love to learn more about you!
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